You Have Questions? We Have Answers


Am I a candidate for Laser Hair Removal?

Our state of the art Laser Hair Removal machine, Candela Gentle Max Pro, can safely and effectively treat any skin type.
Almost everyone is a candidate, except people with white or very blonde hair.
Medical conditions as well as medications are also taken into consideration.
Our expert technician and physician will go over in details on what makes a person a good candidate during the initial Laser Hair Removal consultation.

How many Laser Treatments are needed?

An average of 6 to 10 Laser Hair Removal Treatments, spaced 4-6 weeks apart are necessary to achieve satisfactory results.
Most patients see significant results after just one Hair Removal session.
Results vary from person to person, depending on the area treated, color of the hair, thickness of the hair, ethnicity , hormonal imbalances.

What areas can be treated?

Nearly any area can be treated, with the exception of the orbital rim of the eye.

Does Laser Treatment hurt?

The level of discomfort that stems with laser hair removal varies greatly from person to person. Thickness and density of hair, body area treated and threshold for pain are all key factors.
Most of people would describe the sensation of the laser as a hot rubber band being snapped against the skin.

Will I have any downtime after the Laser Treatment?

No downtime; right after the Hair Removal Treatment,  patients may return to their regular activities.
We strongly encourage keeping the area treated away from direct sun exposure.

Will hair grow back after Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Laser Hair Removal is best referred to as “permanent hair reduction”.
After completing the recommended series of treatments, a 80% to 90% hair reduction is to be expected. The remaining 10%-20% of hair will be significantly finer and lighter in color.
Maintenance sessions may be required after completing the initial treatment protocol.
(1-2 visits per year)

Do I need to avoid sun exposure?

Ideally, you will stay away from the sun as much as possible.
Tanning is not recommended.
Laser targets the melanin in roots of the hair to kill the hair follicle, when we tan we increasing the amount of melanin in the skin, this will create a situation of competition for light absorption between hair and skin.

What are the pre and post care procedures?

Your first visit will consist of a skin care consultation with our laser technician.
The technician will go over in details on how to prepare for your first Hair Removal Treatment and how to care for your skin afterwards.
It’s very important that you stop waxing, plucking or threading at least 2 weeks before your appointment.
We mainly need your skin to be clean shaved on the day of the treatment and free of any skin products.